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Simplest to deploy. Easiest to Monetize.

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Wi-Fi networks and social hotspots, fully branded for you

Create your own wifi network brand, deploy social wifi hotspot or paid wifi, at Cafés, Restaurants, Hotels, Malls or cover your whole city. We have you covered.

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One to infinite in no time.

Scalable & Reliable

Start small or very small, scale up as you go to as many routers as your network needs. Everything scales automatically. Our no on-premises controller architecture means you can add any number of wifi routers at one venue without any special cost.

Handcrafted with love.

Well designed

A meticulously designed interface ensures your wifi users and venue owners equally love the system. A clean login process for wifi users and easy to use controller access for your venue owners. Intuitive wifi settings management, analytics which makes sense and sending marketing to users is as easy as ordering a coffee.

Flexible & Customizable.

Execute your business plan

Fully configurable from the controller, you choose what features are offered and how much they cost to your clients.

Even more Feature Rich

unbeatable performance

Our battle tested wifi routers ensure amazing exerience for wifi users even under extreme load.

Single point of control

Truly cloud controlled network. Monitor and control your network from anywhere, no matter how big your network is.


Fully multi lingual controller and wifi login pages which comes with support for English, French and Spanish. German and Portugese to come soon.

Native advertising

Create you own Image or video ads and show them to wifi users, before (or after ) they login into wifi.

Integrated Marketing

Not just analytics but a window to your users. Know who the are, when they come, when they return and everything in the middle.

Trigger based marketing

You can even trigger marketing campaings as users set foot inside your wifi enabled venue.

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