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We make happier wifi users and drooling venues owners.

Cafes, restaurants and Bars

Let your guests connect to wifi with Social media or email or SMS to login. Venue owners can even force users to post on their facebook wall to login or post a tweet before they login. Venue owners can easiu promote customized offers to their users during their wifi login process.

Reach out to your users users later with marketing emails or sms. Apart from that various triggers can be setup to help engage with your guests.

Hotels, Motels and Serviced apartments

Our system comes in-built with voucher based login which was designed specifically for Hotels and Service apartments. Venue owners (or any of their staff) can easiy create vouchers from the cloud controller and specify user specific details to the voucher code being generated.

Each voucher can be configured for how long internet can be accessed using the code, what bandwidth will be given to users who login with the code and how how many devices can be connected using it.

Malls and Townships

For larger venues like malls and townships the biggest problem users face is seamlessly connected across the venue.

Our hardware and cloud controller was desiged to solve this from the start. Fully roaming enabled wifi router (with help from cloud controller) ensures no matter how big the mall or township is, wifi users are always connected everywhere in the network.

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