Hardware and cloud controller designed together. For an experience that stands apart.

Single point of control.

Control your network from one place, from anywhere in the world.

No matter how large or small your network is, always control everything from a single point of access. You can start small with just a few wifi routers and scale up to any size, everything will scale up automatically.

As all wifi routers in the networks are fully remotely controlled and updated in real time from cloud controller, site visits are a thing of the past. You won’t waste time anymore, going 100 miles away only to reboot an AP or to change a gateway because the splash page isn’t working. Firmware upgrade is done remotely, so your infrastructure is always updated with the latest software version.

Actionable Analytics

Deep integrated Marketing campaigns, targetted advertising and user analytics

While in-depth analytics goes a long way in helping network owners understand their users and how often (and when) they visit, the true benifits on analytics can only be realized when it can be used seamlessly by other functionalities like marketing and advertising. Our cloud controller does exactly that.

Wifi user analytics has been deeeply integrated inside the platform so that curated content can be delivered to right users via email or sms campaigns. Even our native advertising modules can be configired to show targetted adertisement specific to the wifi users.

100% whitelabel ready.

Brand the solution, connect with your domain, get accolades. As simple as that.

Our fully whitelabel ready solution allows you to instantly start deploying your own brand of wifi network. You create your very own social and/or paid wifi brand, you determine your own pricing, terms, domains, customizations, and more!

whitelabel includes
  • Everything on your own domain. Send customers to your unqiue domain to login to view their dashboard, create automated marketing, and view wifi status.
  • Personalized cloud controller. Your customers will see your logo and brand when logging onto the dashboard. (At your own domain). Never a mention of SplashNetworks. It's your very own social wifi marketing company.
  • Execute your own business model. Charge your customers what you wish. Then sit back and enjoy recurring revenues each month! Your white label wifi hotspot does all the work.
  • Splash pages. White labeled splash pages also have your unique domain and can be easily customized to advertise even more of your brand. Get maximum exposure for your digital marketing agency.

WiFi Router

Unbeatable hardware for your unbeatable network.

Our atheros chipset based wifi router has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of a high density wifi networks. Which means your network works smoothly and provides seamless connectivity for all users even when there are high number of users on the network.

Superior hardware also ensure our wifi routers can be used as gateways to connect many wifi routers to it, which is a great way to extend coverage of our authentication system to already deployed wifi network.

Trigger based marketing.

Welcome guests with offers and thank them when they leave

Trigger a customized email or an sms to your guests when they connect to wifi and/or send them a thank you email when they leave. You can even apply filter to the emails and sms so that you can share tageted offers based on their gender, age and how frequently they visit.

Location Services.

API service based location service.

Our API based location service lets you and your applications know exactly where and which venue your website vistors are connecting from. So if users go to your website you can know if they are connected to your wifi infrastructure, if yes then from which venue. This information can go a long way in offering customized location based offers and services, right from your website and applications.

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